Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Post Holiday Apocalypse

So sorry to have lost touch with ye olde blog here in the past months.   It's been a challenging path of traversing those life bumps in the road but I'm committing to documenting some of the new changes coming in our world in 2013!

After a year of decluttering, unpacking boxes stored for many a'year and sorting deceased family member's household goods, we declared this a "low-key holiday".

We are fortunate in that the family members we exchange gifts with are at the same point in their houses/lives - they're working on projects or goals and have little need for new gadgets to collect dust.   Although it seems like a gift card hostage exchange, we were able to mix it up a bit with handmade items and additions to board game collections.   Admittedly, it doesn't quite look the same with mountains of gifts under the tree, but I feel like we're being kinder to the Earth in producing less waste of wrapping paper and plastic packaging from toys.

With these decisions, I'm going to downsize this year from three upright wrapping paper holders to one.    It may sound silly but I really debated over this one as I love the look of the different patterns and prints mixing together but, it's time.   (Adult! Decision! <whimper>)   
To compensate, I'm hoping to work on some reusable fabric gift bags throughout the year.   If I can accomplish 2-3 per month, there should be a nice stockpile by the beginning of next season and a handy use of fabric scraps!

We are just going to decompress a bit in the remaining days of this year.   Despite being a disastrously messy cook (seriously, the kitchen looked like a rocket hit it last night), I produced a wide variety of food and the extent of cooking in days to come will involve opening Ziplock and Tupperware containers.    You want something really fancy?   Fine, I'll open the microwave door....  

Hoping everyone had a fantastic and safe holiday!

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