Friday, June 15, 2012

Fresh for Friday

Yesterday was frustration in a non-thrifted bottle.    One of those days that you realize a little too late (I just typed latte - maybe THAT would have fixed things!) that your feet just shouldn't have hit the floor that morning.   

The South, even the Not-Deep-South, is not somewhere a liberal should be during election season.   No, wait, don't leave....this isn't a political post, I promise.   I'm not even going to detail the experiences, it essentially boils down to strengthening my resolve of running a successful online business so that I can work anywhere anytime.   That means really committing to making thrifting and crafting work financially.

Today is a fresh day, my headache that's hung around for the past week is gone (woohoo!), I finally have no pain from the dental work ~ yes, it's amazing how pain affects the human body ~ and I'm ready to tackle the day of crafting, sorting, selling and strategizing.  

I need to do some patching/painting on items I've thrifted for my local booth as my goal is to swap all of the stock out early next week.    The display there is a large baker rack size and I pay a $50 monthly rental.   Including fuel/expenses, it's probably closer to a $65 rent as the store is a bit of a drive but it's really the only store of the nature in the area.   Up for sale now is a manly man grouping of items - vintage tool boxes, military themed bookmarks, sports themed Saturday Evening Post glasses and you get the idea.    While great for the holiday shoppers, the clientele is primarily female - though from observations while I've been restocking, there's quite the age variance (20's to 80's) which is why I try to keep a pretty wide variety of items available.   Next week's inventory will include bird house themed items, ragged flower pins and some new milkglass or hoosier glass finds I scored last week.   I'll post next week on sales after the revamp!

For today's thrifty finds share:

Huge metal tray ~ I originally thought it was one of the old style TV trays that snapped onto legs because it's so  large but it's just a simple tray.    I'm going to try cleaning it and see if some of the scum comes off - I'd like to keep the vintage-feel print but if not, I'm thinking pink and white polka dots.

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  1. I think pink with pola dots will be super cute! Thank you for sharing at TTF and have a great day!


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